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This is what they have to say!

Hi Ola “Just to say “thank you” not only for your expert driving instruction but for all your encouragement and patience too “Thank you for giving me the faith and ability to become a driver!”

Passed 1st Time!


Ola, I think is a great teacher. I found him very patient and I found that he got instructions across clearly. I thought his teaching technique was very good and suited me perfectly. He understands people’s strengths and weaknesses and helps you improve in all aspects. Finally, he is a good laugh, he’s got a good sense of humour and is really easy to get along with. I would recommend him to anyone learning to drive. Daniel

Dan Atkinson.

I had a great driving experience from Ola! There was no pressure about making a mistake because he explained everything at a great detail and always made sure that I was doing everything to test standards. Since I have passed my test I know that behind my mind Ola was the reason I passed. Thanks a lot for being my instructor and showing me how to drive!

Ambrose Salami.

“This is just to say a big thank you for helping me pass my test.  See you driving again soon.”


“Thank you very much for all your help and support.  I couldn’t have passed my test 1st time without you

Many thanks.”


I was referred to Ola through a friend who had been trained by Ola. He responded quite promptly and was professional at our first meeting. Ola made me very comfortable but at the same time communicated effectively what his expectations were. Throughout the process, Ola challenged and supported me in  areas of my driving experience that needed improvement. He was very thorough and was always prompt for lessons. I thoroughly enjoyed my time with Ola and will recommend his service. By the way, I passed the test on first attempt.



“Hope you know how much your effort is appreciated ! Ola. Thanks very much.” Passed 1st Time!


“I Can not thank Ola enough for helping me pass both my theory and practical test. After getting stuck with numerous driving instructors who kept telling me I was not ready for my test and needed “only a few more lessons”, it was refreshing to meet Ola and his no-nonsense approach to teaching driving. After the first lesson I was assessed and told how many lessons were required, then a deal was arranged that meant I got the best price per lesson as well. Thanks to Ola I passed my theory and practical test both on the first attempt. I now look forward to doing pass plus with Ola to help lower my mind boggling insurance quotes!” Dil

D. Thandi

As an instructor i found Ola Very Patient and he explains everything in an easy to understand way. And thanks to him i passed my driving test First time with only 3 minors. i would definately recommend him to anyone else who wants to take lessons.


“Ola is a driving instructor, I had fun learning under his expert supervision in a relaxed atmosphere, and as a pupil, I couldn’t ask for anything more. He always took time to explain things in a way I could understand, and with his friendly but professional attitude, my confidence on the road increased dramatically. Thanks to Ola, I felt well prepared on test day and I passed first time. I’ve already recommended him to my friends wanting an instructor and I would to anyone who wants to learn to drive. If it wasn’t for him I wouldn’t have passed my test. Thanks for all your help Ola and all the best for the future.”I hope you’ve been well and more of your pupils have passed there tests!


Hi Ola… Would like to say many thanks to you for all your help with getting me through my driving test. Testimony………i have enjoyed my time with ola I  found he was very patient with me and explained all my lessons well and in a way i could understand them. He was also very punctual and never cancelled a lesson. The lessons were great value for and productive. I definitely recommend him.

Adetunde in chatham

I am a man at the age of 30. i had a very early test booking before i had brushed up my driving but i had Ola to the rescue, this man worked wonders for me. i had only 1 lesson before my practical test and running out of time Ola took my last minute booking and fitted me in his schedule. i had my first lesson at 1230 and my test at 1330. he showed me and taught me things i did not know in a space of 45 minutes and he built up my confidence he had more faith in me than i had in myself. All that Ola asked from me was to bring back a pass certificate of which i did and i Thank God for this man.

Thanks Ola keep the good work going


What can I say about Ola? Well, where do I start …. Ola is one of those instructors that hope you will get when you start your driving! He is always polite and punctual. When you make a mistake he doesn’t get all grumpy and angry , he just tells you where you went wrong, he will make you do it again and if you still do not do it right he will show you how it needs to be done as many times as it takes you to learn. It is always cool with him because you can have fun while learning to drive and having a laugh, which is really good because you learn better that way! In another words, he’s the driving instructor to have!


Ola was my driving instructor and it was in his lessons I gained the confidence and skill to pass my Driving test. He always gave me great advice and encouraged me to book my theory and practical test when I was ready and he knew I would pass it. Every lesson we would go through my weaknesses in driving and improve every aspect. Ola is always in a great mood which makes you feel comfortable even when you’re driving for the first time, he will help improve your driving not by shouting or making you feel bad when you do something wrong but by explaining and going through the errors at your pace to ensure you understand every step.


” I took Couple of Lessons with Ola before my Driving test which i easily passed and i found him highly experienced, talented and really helpful. He had a great knowledge of all the test routes and trick points. He made me his fan by teaching some great techniques of going through Bowaters’s Tesco round-about which was the main hurdle in my test route as its really complicated for new drivers. As a lane discipline is very important before entering into the round-abouts but Ola is a Master of an Art of Round-abouts.Thank u so much for helping around.”


Right from day one of joining, Pass Code driving school impressed me with their way of teaching and instructing. In this school I gained not only confidence to drive a car, but how to pass the test and drive safely for life. The way of guidance was good and perfect. Anyone who joins Pass Code Driving School gets a very good chance of passing their driving test. I am very thankful to my instructor Ola dee who assisted me in driving in a professional manner. ”I Passed my Driving Test 1st time”  Join Pass Code driving school and get a Code to Pass.


I had a lovely experience with Pass Code Driving School. The instructor’s friendliness made the lessons relaxing while learning , with about 55hrs of learning I Passed at my test at the first attempt. I have God to Thank for this, and Ola also for his patience. He taught me to drive safe for Life!


“OLA” as a driving instructor is very friendly, patient, considerate and understanding. Ola knows different people need different teaching techniques. I went through them all. Ola helped in many ways, mainly the most important was my confidence as a driver. As my confidence grew all the manoeuvres and driving techniques fell into place and made sense. Ola made driving a clear process. Driving is hard and difficult, however the steps were made easy to follow. When I did not understand anything Ola would go over it step by step until I did understand and put it into practice, only then, would we move on. As well as Ola making me feel at ease behind the wheel, he made me a confident and an enthusiastic driver. There were times when I wanted to give up and thought I was no good, but Ola stood by me all the way. Coming up to my test I felt so nervous but ola kept insisting that I was a good driver and he kept boosting my confidence. I thought if he has confidence in me, then I should have it in myself.

Thanks for being you and teaching me all the skills I needed to get through!  Not only to pass my test, but also to Drive Safely for Life, I Got The  Code to Pass  ==> Get Yours @ Pass Code Driving School !


Many thanks to Ola ! I was not going to pass if he was not my instructor. I was confused, nervous and tense. But he changed everything in few lessons. Let me say that he not only taught me driving but also taught me how to have some faith in myself. He gave me confidence and optimism. He trained me from every angle, from roundabouts to lane discipline. He taught me till  I was 110% ready for my test. Ola’s sense of humour and patience are admirable. His jolly and friendly nature helped me in learning quickly. I would recommend Ola to every learner as he is the perfect choice. Not only for the learners who wants to pass their driving test first time but also for the unlucky drivers who have already failed many times. He will surely boost up your morale and he knows what the examiners expect of you! Ola doesn’t go after financial gain! As driving is his Passion. In simple words he has no comparison as he is sincere with his students. Ola you are the best professional instructor I have ever seen. Once again Thanks a lot…J


A massive Thanks to Passcode Driving School and especially to THE LEGENDERY MR. OLA  (instructor) for getting me through my driving test. Driving a car is not a big deal for anyone; everybody can drive but driving and driving safely are two opposite things. Being a student at Passcode, Ola tells you how to drive Safely for Life. Ola is a walking talking Google or Wikipedia of road senses I would say, he knows every test routes and he put all the precautionary measures into the roots of his students’ mind that are needed during test. He makes sure that his students are 100% ready for the test by taking mock tests before test day. So people STOP wasting your time and money with other driving schools. If you want to pass your driving test join PASSCODE because it is the best driving school in town as it has got the best professional driving instructor MR. OLA.



What can I say other than a very Big Thanks!  to PASSCODE Driving School “OLA”. You are One in a Million among driving instructors in & around Medway Towns.
I am absolutely short of words to express how your teachings assisted and contributed to my first-time Pass in my Driving Test.
His motto is to teach you to Drive Safely for Life! &  not just to Pass The Test.
PASSCODE Driving School  You are the Best!
Well! What can I say; he is the just right man for this job. Believe me you won’t be able to find a better Driving Instructor than him. He not only helped me in getting my  driving license, he taught me so many important points that I ended up Passing my test with only 2 minors, ” Only 2 Minors!!!!  “ Secondly, he gave me the confidence to go through the test otherwise I would’ve just failed in the first instance! Pass Your Test with PASSCODE Driving School!
I just want to express my sincere Thanks to Ola for what he has done for me towards me Passing my test and getting my driving licence. I couldn’t have done it without him.  I had several bad driving habits, but he was the one who put me back on the right track quickly and I  Passed my Driving Test. I will not hesitate to Recommend Pass Code Driving School to anyone that needs any assistant toward achieving a Pass in their Driving Test and Learning to Drive Safely for Life!
Thanks Ola you did an Amazing Job..!
Ola is a very humorous instructor. He makes you feel comfortable and gives you the confidence you need. I never thought I would get the hang of driving, not to talk about Passing my Driving Test  first time! (even with my months of breaks in between)! Always stay on the ball as he does like to challenge you, which does up your confidence too!!
Thank you so much
What can I say and where can I start to Talk about Ola  Passcode Driving School Instructor! If I was to start now, I would not stop until tomorrow! but I would just like to say that my instructor is one in a million,a  patient and a good teacher. I am very grateful and pleased that I learnt with this driving school. I Passed first time around and I am very happy.
Thank you so much and God Bless
After a year of a roller-coaster ride with my driving, Ola has been very patient through-out and I really appreciate his patience with me. His teaching has helped me to pass my driving test, and I can’t be more great-full than that!! Ola is definitely the right man for the job.
Thank you and Stay blessed!
“First of all, I would like to thank Mr Ola for his expert advice and guidelines. Although I was driving my car for a while in my home country but as everyone, I have some weaknesses in my driving which I was not aware of it but Mr Ola not only pointed out my weaknesses but advise me how to overcome them. The lessons are full of learning and Mr Ola do his best to make you upto perfection in driving.  It might have be difficult for me to pass the practical test without his instructions & guidelines. Finally, I will strongly recommend him to everyone who is looking to learn driving and interested to pass the tests without multiple attempts because he is Value for Money.”
Kind Regards
I was introduced to Ola of Pass Code Driving School by a friend, It was the Best chioce & I’m glad I did. I started right from the begining &  followed all of the instruction given by Mr. Ola who put in all of his efforts to make driving simple and upto the required standards. I Passed first Time and I am Delighted ! Many Thanks To Pass Code Driving School,
Take special care of yourself Ola,
Warm Regards,
I just want to say a big Thank you to PassCode Driving school and a wonderful instructor Mr Ola. During the driving lessons, he encourages and makes you feel relaxed on the wheel. I would recommend PassCode Driving school to everyone looking to take their driving lesson in order to improve and pass the test.
Thank you Mr Ola
Hi Ola
Firstly I want to say thank you for helping me get through to pass my Driving Test! My experience while working with Pass Code Driving School was lovely, Ola is an Experienced Driving Instructor with a lot of knowledge on how to help students. Not only is he a friendly instructor who makes you feel relaxed during the lessons, he is also a patient understanding tutor.
I would recommend Ola of Pass Code Driving School to everyone who wants value for money!
Thank you once again for all the help and for your patience.
Ola is an extremely skilled Driving Instructor. He has a unique way of teaching that makes you very confident. He also I injects humour into the lessons and I often burst out laughing when I remember some of his comments.
I Passed first time! So take my word for it! You cannot go wrong with Pass Code Driving School!
Good luck.
This is a wonderful man you need to take driving lessons with. Ola is the man that understands every situation that you find yourself in, He will work with you until you have that Pass Certificate in your hands.
Book your lessons with passcode driving school, for if I who could not differentiate from turning left and right have a license now! then you can as well.
Thank you Ola am so happy You didn’t allow me to quit.

Everyone is capable of driving when Ola is the man to learn from. He not only teaches you to drive but gives you that extra push you need to pass. Thanks to Pass Code Driving School for indroducing me to Ola. If it wasn’t for him, I would not have my full driving license right now!  Also bearing in mind the extra hints and tips Ola provides to pass the driving practical test with ease. If  I can drive then so can you!

Thanks again Ola!


After taking my practical driving test several times and driving lessons from different driving schools , my wife recommended Pass Code Driving School,the instructor’s name is Ola, after my past experience with other instructors he is the most reliable, cool, calm and collected instructor with quality and ability in teaching , explaining and instructing his Student. After lessons with Ola I finally Passed my practical driving test, I will recommend him to anyone who is struggling to pass his/her test. Thanks Pass Code Driving School!
Thanks Ola!!
My driving experience with Ola of Pass Code Driving School was very good. Ola has given me the confidence I needed in a professional, relaxed atmosphere which helped me enjoy my lessons and learn a lot of safe driving techniques. He was even so accommodating when my Driving Test was cancelled twice due to adverse weather conditions, Ola stuck by me until I did my Driving Test & Passed.
Pass Code Driving School is the learners choice!
Thanks Ola!
Hi everyone I’m  Oluwaseyi , have been scared for about 3yrs now to take my Practical Driving test base on what I heard from people experience. I’ve heard people attempt the driving test 6 times and some more than that, also heard people spend loads of money on lessons, before they could pass it. All this news got me scared & doubted if I could pass it myself. But a friend that has a wonderful experience with Mr Ola an instructor with Pass Code Driving School, introduce him to me after he Passed his Driving Test with him, Then another friend of mine recommended him to me again after Passing his Test with him too.
Then I built up my confidence that I can do it with God’s help. Ola trained me, he was so encouraging, lively & tackle any fault as soon as it’s made, He’s always on time  and always wish you success. The best part of it is the prayer and Godly act that he’s his got as a person. In a nut shell, I passed my Driving Test 1st Time!  All Glory be to God! I am advicing anyone reading it to experience what I experience from him.
Thanks Ola
Thank you so much for your expertise over months.  I’m still in shock that I managed to pass first time!  I was so nervous throughout my lessons, but your patience with me was amazing!  I never thought I would be able to drive, but your faith and reassurance saw me through.
I have a new lease of life now and I can’t thank you enough.  I am recommending Pass Code Driving School to everyone.  If I can do it anyone can! especially with Ola at their side. He made me feel at ease and made me laugh so I didn’t notice I was nervous.
Pass Code Driving School Is The Best for Driving Excellence!
Thank you so much OLA.

Ola of Pass Code Driving School is a real professional . His teaching methods are excellent . I was with an instructor who really ripped me of . I was referred to Ola by a friend of mine and Ola was immediately ready to take me on . The thing I appreciated the most was that he really put his heart and soul into teaching , if you pay for a lesson you definitely get your money’s worth that’s a guarantee . He also takes time to explain and make you understand so that you don’t repeat mistakes . I can recommend Ola of Pass Code Driving School to anyone and everyone and guess what ? I passed my Driving Test  first time! Take my word . He is a pro at what he does .

Thanks Ola

First of all, thank you very much for helping me passing this test and especially for making me like driving again. I came to a point at which I hated driving so much!  but learning how to drive with you made me change my mind. Your sense of humour is amazing and make me relax while driving.
I think without you I would not have passed this test at first Time. Your advices are really useful.
I will surely recommend you to all my friends.
Thanks Ola
I still don’t believe that I passed my driving test at first attempt!!  After wasting so much money and time with a previous instructor who didn’t have any success plan, I decided to get a new instructor and my cousin referred me to Mr Ola, the first day I met Mr Ola he made me believe that I can surely pass my test. This is contrary to what my previous instructor told me. Mr Ola had a clear goal on what he wanted me to learn and when he hoped to get me ready for my test. he was sincere and committed throughout the duration of my lessons. His lessons were organised, thorough, fun and pass-coded. Within a month and half he got me ready and reminded me to book my test. I can confidently say that I learnt how to drive from one of the best driving instructors – Mr OLA.
Thank you so much sir.
I would recommend Passcode driving School to anyone. You are assured of a professional and experienced teacher, with valuable tips on test centre routes, driving tips that make a difference between passing or failing. Its been a very good experience for me and I passed my test with this coach Mr Ola  after 15 trials at different centres. He believes you can do it, and then you do it.

Thank you Mr Ola!
Abi Aworinde.
My testimonial goes thus
Having struggled with passing a manual driving test 5 times one of the examiners suggested to my then driving instructor that I attempt automatic driving. Because he did not that offer automatic driving lessons ,this put me back a bit as I struggled with the idea of finding someone new to start again with. I eventually did but over the next seven years still struggled to pass the automatic driving test. My then instructor kept trying to reassure me that I was a good enough driver but just had a bad day! It got to a point ,after doing three tests in six weeks and still being told this that I felt perhaps a change of instructor might help me. Perhaps another set of eyes would be able to improve my driving as I felt I was not improving with the instructor I had.
I spoke to several instructors but it was discouraging that none of them seemed ready to stick their neck out for someone who had failed so many times and then I was introduced to Pass Code Driving School. Over a four week period, the instructor was able to turn my story around. Not only was I learning things I had never been able to do before but my confidence grew in leaps and bounds. The instructor was so patient with me making me repeat a task again a and again till I not only got it but had perfected it. Finally, four weeks ( and four lessons) after starting with him, I passed my driving test on the 13th attempt.

Thank You!
When I started taking driving lessons, I was confused as I used to make a lot of mistakes. But Ola guided me for mistakes and helped me to get it right. Mostly he is very friendly person but sometimes he is a teacher who always wants get the things done in right way. My overall experience was very good as I managed to pass the driving test on the first attempt with the exceptional guidance of  Ola.
I would definitely recommend Ola to all my friends for their driving lessons.
Thanks Ola
I would like to thank Ola for bringing out the best in me as a driver, before joining Pass Code Driving School, I had two other driving instructors who I felt were not pushing me and teaching me at the pace I got from Pass Code Driving School.
Straight away I felt like Ola wasn’t just an instructor he was my friend because he made me feel comfortable within my lessons and checking to make to sure I was satisfied with the progress I was making and the pace it was at.
I had failed my driving test twice before today however and felt that I just wanted to give up! but Ola really encouraged me to keep going and try my best so that I wouldn’t give up.
It has been a pleasure to have been taught by him.
Thanks again for everything


Although I don’t recommend anybody to do so, I started my driving lessons a month prior to my practical driving test with Ola at Pass Code Driving School through family recommendation and I was pretty uncertain as to whether 3 or 4 lessons prior to my test would be enough to pass. The reason as to why I don’t recommend anybody to take the amount of lessons as I did is because I had been doing a lot of driving prior to the start of my driving lessons and I know that many people do not have this chance. Coming back to the reason as to why I was worried was because my theory was going to run out on a week after my test so I literally HAD TO PASS first time round in order to NOT REPEAT my theory test. When I started my lessons I was comforted and I felt confident that I could easily pass my test if I just listened to what I was told. My experience with Pass Code Driving School was positive and I recommend everybody to learning to drive with Pass Code Driving School. In the end, I took my test at Gillingham and I passed first time!

I’d like to thank Ola at Pass Code Driving School and I recommend absolutely everybody to take lessons with Pass Code Driving School.


Driving in UK seems normal but when you sit in the drivers seat, whole situation changes. Maintaining discipline and obeying laws all the times during driving is very important and necessary. I thanked Mr OLA of Pass Code Driving School, for rectifying all my driving mistakes and leads me on a way of safe and secure driving. Passing the test is one of the biggest  achievement for me and the whole credit goes to my instructor Mr OLA. I thought that I couldn’t do it but he increased my level of confidence and have at last I succeeded.

Thanks Once again Ola!


My driving experience with Ola of Pass Code Driving School has been very beneficial, not only did he enable to pass my Driving Test first time but he also taught me skills that I will carry out in my driving even after my test, he’s a strict teacher but it pays off and I’d recommend him to anyone that’s looking to pass first time!
Thank Ola!


Pass Code Driving School – Gillingham
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